Saturday, January 30, 2010


helps you to understand


somebody told me to listen to this new group from catania. they're called Chamberlain. i usually don't even bother listening when people tip me off about new music and if i do listen i always hate it. always. but i listened to these Chamberlain guys and i really liked it. sounds a bit like oasis but oasis are old cronies now and these kids are all in their early twenties, so if they keep improving... who knows?

they have an ep out:


you can stream the tracks at their myspace page: MySpaceChamberlain

and if you like them you can become a fan at facebook: FacebookChamberlain

50 years ago this month this happened:

"In January 1960, still drummerless, the band persuaded John's friend Stuart Sutcliffe to join the band as bassist. Stu couldn't play but as George puts it, '... it was better to have a bass player who couldn't play than to not have a bass player at all'."

i hear these Chamberlain kids do a live version of doctor robert... hmmm, you never know.

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