Saturday, September 30, 2006


he who has something

i guess i should be writing something about that borat guy, right? ali g. the jewish kid who dresses up as a muslim, does funny voices and insults famous people and thick members of the public.

but i can't laugh at the guy. because i've seen it all before. and seen it done better.

norman gunston.

if you don't know him check him out on google and stuff.

here's a photo:

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and here's norman doing his homage to abba. i guess this should be australian record of the week #2, but i can't be bothered bolding it.

Norman Gunston: Salute To Abba

Friday, September 29, 2006


hey, don't knock it, we're selling papers here

Newsweek sugars pill for US

Dan Glaister in Los Angeles
Thursday September 28, 2006

For some, the world is a tough place, where armed insurgents threaten at every turn. For others, is simply divine, a cuddly, celebrity-strewn nirvana where success is just a camera click away.

This week, Newsweek magazine - motto "Our voices. Your voices. Every day" - illustrates that division by offering readers in different parts of the world different cover stories. The international edition of the magazine, on sale in Europe, Asia and Latin America, features a fearsome-looking man wearing a turban and pointing a grenade launcher towards the reader. "Losing Afghanistan" screams the hard-hitting headline.

Instead of a man with a gun, US readers are offered a woman with a camera surrounded by children and celebrities. "My life in pictures," purrs the softly spoken headline over a picture of celebrity snapper Annie Leibovitz. While Leibovitz cradles her children, a pregnant Demi Moore and a smiling Nelson Mandela look on.

Newsweek's international editor, Fareed Zakaria, said that in the US, Newsweek was a mass market magazine with a broad reach, while overseas it "is a somewhat more upmarket magazine for internationally minded people".

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Newsweek USA Edition

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Newsweek Kashmir Edition

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Thursday, September 28, 2006


i talk to the trees

your future is in their hands

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


into the mixdik

the big pop music story of the week is keef's exposé of the size of jagger's tool. read it here at ananova: jagger's miniscule john thomas.

of course, anyone who read marianne faithfull's autobiography a few years ago is all too well aware of jagger's problems in the vagina tickler department. check out marianne's book here. it's a great read.

here's a photo of marianne by david bailey:

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and here's a photo of what is claimed to be mick's codpiece. sent in by a reader:

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


bin and ben, flowerpot men

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binny and benny.

binny has been grabbing all the headlines over the last few years. he kills, he maims, he's capable of anything. and then maybe he's dead, maybe he isn't. he's a cult. he's cute, too. his face is on all the t-shirts. and there's even a ben and jerry's ice cream flavour named after him: chock'o'binny.

anyway, benny is fuming. binny has all the front pages. what is to be done? benny comes out of his corner fighting with a swift one two: the prophet mohammed is a loser, hardly even a contender... and what's more, his breath smells.

benny is back in the headlines. like, everybody is talking only about him. even thick old couples on the beach.

and nobody can even remember binny's real name anymore.

australian record of the week: Slim Dusty: A Pub With No Beer

Monday, September 25, 2006


is there life on mars?

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