Thursday, October 21, 2004


do not take baths in the abandoned bathtubs

theme of the day is great rock giants. guys who created art out of what was previously just, "twanging strings and warbling".

great rock giants:#1

yes, it's the great boby dylan. the tambourine, the man who blew with the wind, the rolling stone (not the rolling stones, stone, singular), the man on whom the hard rain fell, etc.

the epithets are many, but the man is one. boby dylan. he started out in the 40s in gallup, texas, as a circus act: shovelling out the elephant droppings and performing a slack-wire poltroon act. within weeks he was number one all over the world with his anthem for youth, "hey, mister tambourines man."

here he is with his "band". in the picture you can see boby with gart hudson, robbert robinson (his faithful "guitar plucker") and on the right, in the background, tom petty (boby's loyal "henchman")

sixties thru nineties, boby had a "sting of hits" and is still going strong today with his drag double act, "blonde and blonde":


i've just googled dylan and this article came up. donovan? ok, i googled again and came up with this:

so this is something to do with hats, right? but then donovan writes:

What an adventure tale! From a tough mining town to the bright lights... He was born on the shores of the Great Lakes in northern Minnesota; the lakes have ocean-going harbours, and Bob grew up in much the same environment as his contemporaries in Britain, people like me in Glasgow.

so i googled again and it seems that dylan is the son of a sofa shop owner and donovan is from a gypsy family who lived on a campsite near glasgow docks.

sometimes the internet just makes things more complicated.



it's going to be a big day on the manho blog tomorrow. i'm taking a day off and we're flying in the number one blog guru from frisco. he's going to give you a taste of what blogging is like in "the state that just sunbathes and that's it".

see you guys on saturday.

what, nothing on joan byez? this from the book: "Both Scot and Mex, she looked like a religious icon, like somebody you'd sacrifice yourself for and she sang in a voice straight to God ..." P. 255.

surely you have read the book haven't you, nick? shouldn't there be a review from the manho himself?

to be totally honest, lorenzo, i'd never even heard of this dylan guy till i did a bit of googling earlier today. the byzaz reference goes completely over my head. i'm gonna do a bit more googling and see what i can come up with on the dylan - byazes? situation. i suggest you check out the blog for further information.
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