Sunday, October 31, 2004


man, them snappers all around my feet

another problem with porn today is lack of class. most porn is vulgar, to say the least: pink metallic knickers, nipple tassles, body piercing... let's face it most of the porn models look like they've just got out of prison. and that's not erotic. and it's so "in your face", so explicit. i'm surprised they don't give you a little explanation manual to make it even easier: "the two brown knobbly things that you see on top of the wobbly mounds, those are the "nipples", etc". kids today have lost the art of fantasizing. there's just no subtlety anymore.

it wasn't always like this. in the 1950s in england sir henry moore was known as "the duke of porn". his stuff was hot but it had class, you had to use your imagination. oy! those were the days.

alternative porn: #3

enjoy! but make sure you've got your kiddie filters on, this is strictly "for adults only".

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