Sunday, October 17, 2004


pope trampled to death by irate gelding

bored with the usual porn you find online? yeah, me too, so i'm starting an "alternative porn" moment. every sunday i'll be posting a special something.

alternative porn #1


did you ever wonder why woody's last twenty or thirty films were crap? here's why:

She had, she thinks, the defining Woody Allen experience on the set of Melinda and Melinda. 'He doesn't like to rehearse. Most of the cast didn't have the script, they didn't even know who they were in the film. And I thought for the first two days: God, I'm fired, for sure I'm fired - because he wasn't talking to me, he was just saying: "Action" and "Cut." And you hear all these stories about, like, actors go on set one day and then the next day they're gone and someone else is in there, playing their part. But then I realised he had a very casual attitude towards shooting. Like he'd ask us if we'd finished yet, because he wanted to go and have a bath. And then literally would go home after, like, two takes: "No, you were great!" That was the environment he was creating. That's what Woody Allen movies are about: anxiety, anticipation, uncertainty.'

the rest of the article is all airhead young actress stuff so i won't bother posting the link.

wouldn't it be great if woody went back to slapstick?

Comments: this works then....'blair' was already taken as usual....I was looking for norbert...
welcome cripes. hope you bring some sophisticated artistic insights to the blog.
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