Sunday, October 24, 2004


so besame, besame mucho

the problem with porn today is that you get to see everything. where's the space for your imagination? they even have cameras now that go inside the vagina and take photos of the ovaries. how sexy is that?

in victorian days they used to cover up the legs of the grand piano with little croched maxi-skirts and historians have suggested that they did it out of a sense of embarrassment or shame, but the real reason was another: it was more erotic to think about the piano legs than to actually see them.

those victorians knew a thing or two about porn. check out lewis carroll. check out sir edwin landseer.

it was the same in the 50s. you had to think about what was inside that flimsy veil. that seeming-to-wobble flesh drove you crazy with desire. i'm going to take you back to the golden age of erections with a still from the film: they wore no clothes. those were the days, as mary hopkin warbled.

alternative porn: #2


during today's online research for a book about edwardian ornithology i'm working on, i came across a nice recipe for sausage lasagne. good eating.


apropos victorian porn, here is an example of sir edwin landseer's subtle erotic imagination. he calls this work, marmosets on a pineapple:

it's easy to see why sir edwin was considered the "maestro of masturbation" by the victorian aristocracy.

Quite horn worthy nick. A tip of the cap and a grab at the kleenex.

Your friend,
Wank Marvin
thank you, wank. i understood little of your comment but respect your right to say any old shite you wish to utter. thanks again. nick.
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