Tuesday, October 19, 2004


tai chi causes cancer shock

tuesday is going to be "moron of the week". and here is this week's moron: rocco buttiglione.

moron of the week: #1

say hello to rocco. look at that face. you may have read about this guy recently. he's the italian government minister who's trying to become the european union commissioner for justice and civil liberties. problem is that he's anti-gay rights, anti-abortion, anti-single mothers, anti-embryo research, anti-divorce, anti- pre marital sex, anti-masturbation and anti-contraception.

no, he's not a muslim fundamentalist, he's a catholic. and italy are proposing him for european commissioner for civil liberties. you have to laugh, right?

if i told you what rocco's profession was you wouldn't believe me but i'll tell you anyway, he's a philosopher. you have to laugh (again), right? or maybe cry. rocco is a great candidate for the first ever "moron of the week", in fact he's already favourite for the "moron of the year" title.


12 pm rocco news round-up

ironically, rocco was down here here in sicily this afternoon doing some organisational work with his political party, the udc. he was interviewed on the local tv news: telecolor. he said he was only here to talk to his party and didn't want to speak to the press. then i thought, hey, but he is speaking to the press.

i guess you think rocco was doing a derrida, right? subverting the textual observed reality and everything. you'd be wrong though, he was just being a moron.

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