Thursday, October 28, 2004


take my word we would treasure each day that occurred

great rock maestri: #2

i guess calling the guy in the photo above a rock maestro is diminishing the man. he is the person for whom the epithet was invented: the irish rover, the dublin poltroon, the legs of man, the pint of guinness... there are just too many to recount.

yes, it's bono, the irishman who saved the brazilian rain forest, invented the marshall plan, financed the american space exploration programme... the list just goes on and on. here he is with president charles de gaulle and his attractive wife, nanette, being presented with the medal for winning the prix de l'arc du triomphe on rainbow quest in 1985:

little known bono fact
his name is a reversal of his real surname: patrick o'nob.

in the photo above you can see o'nob in the outfit he himself designed for saving the brazilian rain forest in.

10 pm o'nob update

when i think of bono you know who comes to mind? james cagney. ok, i hear you saying, "you're a knobhead, what have cagney and bono got in common?" well, they both have that pugnacious quality that only very, very small men seem to possess. pocket-battleship geniuses, right? look at these two photos and tell me if they're not the same guy:

and the clincher is their catchphrases. remember cagney at the end of white heat? up there on the gasometer with just one last bullet in his pistol and surrounded by cops. what does he do? he shoots into the gasometer of course, killing himself and taking thirty or forty cops with him. and what does he say before he blows up the joint? "made it, ma! top o' the world!"

isn't that just the thing bono is saying with his famous catchphrase, "top o' the mornin' to ya, sor"?


well, another week has passed and it's friday again (possible manho catchphrase?). tomorrow i'll be taking a rest and glenncripes, the frisco jeepster, will be here with another great albums of the century, already feature.

see you guys on saturday.

Wanker. Yer joost bitter yer not Irish. Get away wit ye.
if bono is irish then all those jokes were true, right?
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