Wednesday, October 27, 2004


we were somewhere around barstow at the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold

great successful marriages: #2

today's successful marriage is that of d. h. lawrence (check out that great suit) and emma maria frieda johanna, baroness von richthoven (she was a cutie). they were married in 1914 and frieda was still by his side when he died in france in 1930. they travelled all over the world together and were never separated.

words are hardly necessary, the happiness oozes out of that photo.

d. h. and frieda had what i'd call "balance" in their relationship. she was a domineering nymphomaniac (she cuckolded david many, many times), while he was a weak, sexually impotent, repressed homosexual. a perfect match. remember this: always look for your opposite in a partner, it guarantees longevity.

they wore cool clothes in the twenties, right?

8.00 pm david and frieda update

i came across this great story about lawrence and frieda. they were living in this house, villa fontana vecchia, in taormina, sicily:

and one day lawrence was out collecting butterflies or some such crap when...

In the opinion of most Taormina residents, the inspiration for Mellors was a mule driver named Peppino D'Allura who worked for a local wine merchant. In her biography of Lawrence, Brenda Maddox reveals that D'Allura came to Fontana Vecchia one day while Lawrence was away. Frieda, naked, greeted the young man at the front door and offered her services. He graciously accepted.

yep, you guessed it, the gamekeeper in lady chatterley's lover was none other than some mule driver jerk called peppino. and what about that frieda, right? answering the door naked... in sicily. so i guess that's one more little tip for a successful marriage: the hubby must turn a blind eye to the litle peccadillos of the wife.

"peccadillos" ...i'll have to look that one up in my italian/english dictionary.

it's actually an english word, lorenzo. it means, "small fishes".
hmm... you're not just messing with my mind are you nick? it doesn't *look* english. and why would the english make up a word with the same number of letters when they could just say "small fishes" and get the job done?

have i told you how much i enjoy your blog? it's educational and humorous (humourous, as the english say) and of course that makes learning fun. i have, however, begun to worry a bit about the eventual success of my 24 year marriage to mrs. lorenzo. it seems, so far, that the greatest successful marriages are between people who are dead.
think about it, how can a marriage be defined as successful until the spouses are both dead?

as for the peccadillo(e)s debate, i think you'll find that the word is in the english dictionary even though it is of italian origin. i was just joking about the little fishes. the jest was based on christ saving his disciples from a life of sin and calling them, "fishes of men". sorry it went over your head, i'll just tell irish jokes or something in the future.
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