Tuesday, November 16, 2004


all up and down de whole creation, sadly I roam

you can find some great stuff if all you have to do with your life is check out the internet. people are always telling me, "get a life, man", but what i'd like to know is what kind of life do most people have out on the street with all those dead cats and chinese beggars? give me the net anytime.

here's something i found recently which should interest the more intellectual reader (trish of brighton, to name but one). it's a site about the american civil war. doesn't sound like much, right? but it's full of the most amazing photos you could imagine. i've scaled these down for the blog but at the site they're very large and the definition is impressive.

it's like that sensurround thing they did in the 70s. you feel like you're actually there at bull run, or whatever.

in the first photo you can see how technological war always is. this is a general checking out the battle from a hot-air balloon:

here's a bunch of officers chillin' out between battles:

and here's general pinkerton, later to become famous
as a theatrical producer on broadway:

here's pinkerton again posing with some dork in a
stovepipe hat (there's always one, right?):

and finally, a nice photo of some guys sitting round a
table and whistling dixie. could be your grandpop, right?

Do you think Abraham Lincoln got the horn? Maybe The Gettysburg Address really started out like 'Fourscore and seven years ago, our fathers got the horn...'

He looks like he had the horn in that photo, don't you think?

Your friend,
Wank Marvin
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