Wednesday, November 24, 2004


don't you know it fills me up with surprise

there's a short story by ray bradbury about a guy on holiday in the south of france who comes across picasso on the beach, late afternoon, alone, drawing in the sand with a stick. the guy goes crazy because he can't get cement or something organised quickly enough to save the drawings. the tide comes in and the designs are lost for ever.

you might laugh but picasso created many things which only lasted for the time it took him to draw them. check out this photo:

pablo did a similar trick with plates. he'd paint them and offer them to friends, but they had to promise to use them like normal plates and not hoard them for their artistic value. that's so cool. nobody is that cool anymore. that sort of cool has been dumbed down.

cool update

when you think about cool you think of bogart and george sanders and people like that, but they were actors, i never saw those guys being interviewed so i don't know how cool they were in real life. ok, people will tell you they were, but people are liars, right? you have to trust what you see with your own eyes.

i saw both these guys in long interviews and they are the two coolest guys i've ever seen:

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