Tuesday, November 09, 2004



moron of the week: #7

look at that face, you call that clever? that's a dork for me. i've been reading recently that he didn't even discover his famous "theory of relativeness" (check it out yourself, i can't be bothered posting the link), and that it was discovered by his wife who was the real brains in the family.


this is the clincher. who is it, harpo marx or a famous biology professor? i'll let the readers judge.

and here's another. this was taken just after albert had been to see "butch cassidy and the sundance kid" and was doing that stupid "rainblobs keep fallin' on my head" thing. yeah, i know we all did it, but we're not claiming to be famous scientists, right?

get a life, albie.

midnight maths genius update

my regular readers will know already that i was just joshing about albie being thick. he's actually one of the few guys i consider cleverer than myself. to prove it here's the famous statue of "the great man" at legoland:

sure knocks that statue of the beatles in matthew street into a cocked hat, right?

hey nick, I knew you were joshing and i'm one of those stupid idiot doodyheads who voted for bush. go figure.

......................... - masked
................................. &
Screw you manho! I just started a thread at this scientist messageboard that said 'Einstein--What a stupid jerk!' and posted this URL, and now you retract and say, 'sorry, I'm joking'.

You made me look like a c***.

I'm waving my middle finger at the computer screen with great ferocity.

F*** YOU!!!!!!

Really, I mean it. You haven't heard the last from me.

Mr. X
hey mr x, no probs. remember that the first statement which said albie was a dork and the second that said he wasn't are both relative. either or neither are nor or or true or/nor untrue.

mr bush voter. there's no contradiction in your actions. basically you can do whatever you want and justify it with the e=mc5 equation.

better that all that moralistic god shit, right?
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