Tuesday, November 23, 2004


flash, bang, wallop!

if you think sculptors are bad you should check out war photographers. they are the worst. you always get that shot of the kid's shoes lying in the road, right? or the tearful woman in the foreground tastefully balancing some harrowing scene that you see all out of focus in the background. you've seen these shots so many times that they make no impression on you. if they put a digital camera on a soldier's helmet you'd get better photos.

the only good war photographer i ever saw was a guy called tim page. i looked for some of his stuff to post here but they don't have much at google. then i came across this site: get your tim page photos here.

you can read about tim page in michael herr's book, dispatches. one of the best books ever written about war.

the thing i like about page is that he makes his photos beautiful. however horrific the scene, the photo is still beautiful.

if you're making art you have to make it beautiful.

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