Saturday, November 20, 2004


hide the deadly black tarantula

on the trail of the lonesome pine...

don't worry, it's not porn, it's legit stuff. art. it's by a guy called hendrick von balen (yeah, i'd never heard of him either). it's a picture of paris with his golden apple. he's giving it to athene. there's all kinds of symbolism in the thing and i can't be bothered explaining it all at the moment (get thee to a google). the point is that this apple thing is pretty old. it pre-dates adam and eve (so, logically, it pre-dates god, too). the truth seems to be that the bible copied the story. paris gives the apple to athene and all hell breaks loose. sound familiar? there's no mention either of the chick with the big tits and scaley duck feet (maybe the bible invented that too?).

so, we're half way to the truth. we know why john and paul chose the apple for the beatles:

and we know why steve jobs chose it for the mac: he copied it from the beatles. in fact paul is pissed off with apple at the moment because they've started selling music and when paul gave his permission for jobs to use the symbol he stipulated that there would be no music competition from the company. so jobs has betrayed paul just like eve betrayed adam (or adam betrayed eve if you go with the duck-footed woman theory).

clever idea to have the bite out of the symbol, right? one bite and you get to have sex with a girl with big tits, webbed duck feet and a lizard tail, seems to be the subliminal message. no wonder mac has cornered only 1% of the computer market.

atlas carrying his giant apple.

of course andy got there first as usual:

and you know when you see this where the beatles stole the idea for the apple, right. as i noted in an earlier post, why an apple? why not a banana?

who knows, maybe the guy who wrote the greek myths ripped off the stories from an ancient andy warhol type guy who had paris giving athene a banana? take a look at that athene, she's a babe, right? do you see paris giving her an apple or giving her a banana?

yeah, me too.

romantic apple poem

i will find out where she has gone,
and kiss her lips and take her hands.
and pluck till time and times are done
the silver apples of the moon,
the golden apples of the sun.

What about Magritte? Apples loomed large in his legend. I think that's where Paul got the Apple thing from.

Beatles Guy

PS--It's odd really. I don't think there is anything inherently sexy about an apple....not like a cantaloupe. Is it that bit in the middle looking a bit like a close up of a hooey?
athene: ooh paris, you major stud, is that an apple you have for me?
paris: no doll, no it isn't -- it's a banana. and yes, i AM glad to see you.

lovely poem, nick.
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