Saturday, November 06, 2004


i love los angeles. i love hollywood. they're beautiful. everybody's plastic, but I love plastic. i want to be plastic

i've had this photo on my desktop all week. it's a great photo. i stole it from the new york times:

first i was going to use it in the "great successful marriages" series, but then i thought, no, maybe i could do a "two morons of the week" with it, but even that seemed wrong.

the photo was in the new york times because there's a new biography of reagan in the bookshops this week:

Their Path to the White House, 1911 to 1980.

By Bob Colacello.
598 pp. Warner Books. $27.95.

they printed the first chapter in last sunday's edition. i won't bother posting the link, the book seemed crap (if you really want to read it go to the new york times book section and do a search). the reason i mention this is because the guy who wrote the book, bob colacello, is interesting. he worked for andy warhol for a few years at the height of andy's 70s fame. he was editor of the "interview" magazine when it was good, and then he wrote a great book about warhol called, "holy terror". it's worth reading: may be the best book about andy.

andy wanted him to change his name to bob cola. i think he was right. this is the best warhol site. andy liked ronnie and nancy because they were glamorous. maybe he was right about that too.

great photo of andy

All blogs sux xcept this one.
i have to agree with you, mr anonymous, and the reason is simple: my blog is funny while all the others are writen by demented women talking about their cats.
far be it from me to tell a skillful and experienced bloggerperson how to organize his web log, but if this doesn't belong in the 'great successful marriages' series, well then sir, i'll be nothing but a cinematic chimpanzee's handsome handler.
i guess you're right, sid and nancy were a pathetic couple... but! there was something natural there, you can't imagine ronnie with the cigar and that lewinsky chick, right? or with kennedy's 2 secretaries a day habit. he was ok, ronnie. we all laughed when he dissed the ruskies, but who's sorry now, as connie francis had it in her wonderful 50s pop hit?
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