Sunday, November 28, 2004


rollin', rollin', rollin', keep them doggies rollin'

alternative energy themes: #35

dog power

today, as i was walking home and trying to avoid the dogshit everywhere, i was pondering the end of oil and the search for new fuel alternatives, and then it hit me, "hey", i thought, "it's right in front of our noses and we don't see it: dog power." what with all these stray dogs on the street, shitting on the pavements, why bother with electric cars and hydrogen engines? use the dogs.

i got home and opened up Autodesk - the same professional computer design program used by architects and engineers - and i roughed out a sketch (it's 3-D, if your computer is state of the art) of how i see the car of the future:

it will look very similar to today's car but in place of the wheels there will be 4 dogs. petrol stations will convert to selling dogs and you'd stop for a re-fit when you get a burst dog or one just dies of exhaustion.

there would be a special box in the boot of the car and you'd stop and say, "fill 'er up" in the same way you do today. the guy would open the boot and put in a "bucket of dogs":

these would be for emergencies when you find yourself stranded far from a "dog station".

i have little doubt that this "scheme" will change the face of travelling for the next couple of hundred years.

A plan like that sounds good for Italy where you live manho. Better to have dogs in charge--I've seen your people drive.

However, this time you've gone too far, and I will be doing everything within my power to have you banned from the internet.

You haven't heard the last from me!

Mr. X
"banned from the internet"? if only! then i could get back to my hobbies, ratchet repairing and colouring in black and white photos.
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