Sunday, November 21, 2004


you look dapper from your napper to your feet

i didn't write that poem yesterday, by the way. it was by somebody called william butler yeats. irish guy. i went to google for a photo and look what i found:

they made this statue for him in his home town of sligo. you have to laugh, right? ok, there's a small possibility that yeats had heron legs and a body like a hot-air balloon, but the truth is that sculptors don't know shit about art.

take that michelangelo guy. have you seen his famous statue of david? check this out:

look at that right hand. like, is that in proportion? michelangelo has to be one of the most overrated artists of all times. the guy couldn't draw. remember eve? she was pretty hot, right? a babe, if i remember correctly. take a look at how mikey depicts her:

that's a bag of potatoes with tits stuck on, right? and he was a big earner back in the middle ages. not that they're any better today. i googled "adam and eve statues" and look at this one by another irish guy called albert o'giacometti (have you heard of him?):

nothing like them. and there's worse to come. i came across this one of the beatles:

it's in matthew street, liverpool, and it's supposed to be some sort of homage. apparently when it was unveiled by paul's brother michael, he said, "which one's our kid?".

you nailed it mike, it's just four blobs of metal.

is there a good sculpture anywhere out there?

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