Sunday, December 19, 2004


and of course henry the horse dances the waltz

that whatever happened to? feature yesterday got me reminiscing about some of the things you never see anymore. remember performing seals?

you have no idea how difficult it was to find a colour photo of these plucky arctic circus animals over at google images. there's obviously some sort of animal lovers gentleman's agreement to hush up the whole episode. you can find photos of princess diana dead in her mercedes, german atrocities against the jews, four-way sex perversions, dogshit, dead mules, but you can't find a photo of a performing seal. go figure (whatever that means).

while searching for the seal snaps i came across this circus poster which has to be the ultimate in political incorrrectness. it's black guys dressed up as clowns and pretending to be performing seals:

that's ok, but a photo of an elephant with a scantily-clad circus chick on its back trotting happily around a sawdust ring is taboo.

who makes the rules over at google images?

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