Thursday, December 09, 2004


blue skies make the dark clouds fade away

you can find great information like this:

Martin Jangowski: An FMJ (opposed to a softpoint or hollowpoint bullet) doesn't expand inside a soft ('soft'= human) target. Even when hitting bones it is will bend and deform, but not expand. On the other side, softpoint and hollowpoints will expand and/or fragment.

The landwar convention from The Hague doesn't allow fragmenting bullets for purposes of war, so every army in the world uses FMJ bullets. Usually a hit from a conventional FMJ doesn't kill, but leaves a clean hole. No hunter will use FMJ, since they want to kill, not to wound.

Clark Walker: This, in theory is better for two reasons - one, it creates a situation where instead of creating a dead enemy soldier it creates a wounded one, which must be cared for by his buddy, thus taking two men out of action with each hit. The second reason behind the idea is that it is more humane to wound than to kill. This type of ammunition was agreed upon by the Geneva convention, and both sides of the vietnam war agreed to it's use. The irony is of course that men calmly agree on rules for slaughtering one another and then stick to them.

at the stanley kubrick site.

i was going to write some stuff about kubrick today and i looked for photos in google images and came across this one:

and somehow writing about kubrick seemed irrelevant. just look at the picture. it tells you everything you need to know about everything.

exciting cripes build-up moment

the time of the week has arrived yet again. i'll be doing my tai chi tomorrow while centre stage is taken by glenn "stop moving that fuckin' spotlight, will ya?" cripes.

see you guys on saturday.

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