Saturday, December 04, 2004


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canada special

when i was a kid there used to be this programme on kid's tv in england called, "royal canadian mounted police". i can't find any trace of it in google so it was obviously a complete pile of horseshit (maybe even worse than, "skippy, the bush kangaroo"). anyway, i loved it at the time. what really fascinated me was the motto of the mounties, "we always get our man": as a kid i believed this. always? you had to be impressed by those statistics, right?

many years passed before i discovered the truth about the mounties: they never got their man. mainly because they were riding horses and the crooks were driving range rovers.

the more i learned about canada the more disillusioned i got. the image of the lumberjack was destroyed by that monty python thing, and then a woman friend of mine went to live in montreal and told me some pretty depressing things about canadian guys. for example when a sophisticated canadian guy meets a cute girl (at a debutantes ball, or something) he greets her with the phrase, "tu sus?". that's the cool guys, so you can imagine what the real canucks are like. i guess it's because they're all scions of scotland:

mountain guys who find it difficult to differentiate between a woman and a moose.

culture? well, take a listen to this: canadian rock music. pretty dull, right. i won't bore you with a list of canadian stars of music, tv and film because there isn't one.

images of canada

a summer flurry of snow doesn't stop two feisty canadians from meeting up for their weekly bible reading and beaver torturing session.

a cheap igloo.

an expensive igloo.

thinking of a holiday? check out manitoba.

reader feedback

i had an interesting exchange of emails with josh from iowa yesterday.

> >>> coo cool shit

> >> thanks josh, check in every day, tell all your friends, wear a manho outfit,
> >> and you can be a fa fan.

> > manho outfit? help a brother out, whazit?

> too tired to talk now - it's late over here in europeland - but check out
> the blog tomorrow, i'll try to explain, it won't be easy but i'll try.

> >> geesh that make me tired jus to hear about it ... sleep good

he seems like a nice guy, right? well, josh, the manho sartorial ethos will be dealt with tomorrow on the blog. be here or be something bad that rhymes with here, ok?

Canada owns all your asses. On tout sus ici.
listen, cnuk, i censored the canada thing. if i'd printed everything i know about you guys the vice squad would be strapping on their snow shoes this very moment.
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