Tuesday, December 07, 2004


got a hula lulu from honolulu, that rock-a-hula baby of mine

you can get some fantastic free books online. anything out of copyright is going to be there if you know where to look. obviously most guys go for a free dickens or jane austen but there are also strange books which weren't so popular but are better in a way. reference books, if you like. one of these is by a guy called sir james george frazer, and is called, the golden bough. it's all about mythology, tabu, demons, legends, but it's a work of scientific research, one of the earliest works of anthropology:

here's a little excerpt to show you how good it is:

According to Pliny, the touch of a menstruous woman turned wine to vinegar, blighted crops, killed seedlings, blasted gardens, brought down the fruit from trees, dimmed mirrors, blunted razors, rusted iron and brass (especially at the waning of the moon), killed bees, or at least drove them from their hives, caused mares to miscarry, and so forth. Similarly, in various parts of Europe, it is still believed that if a woman in her courses enters a brewery the beer will turn sour; if she touches beer, wine, vinegar, or milk, it will go bad; if she makes jam, it will not keep; if she mounts a mare, it will miscarry; if she touches buds, they will wither; if she climbs a cherry tree, it will die. In Brunswick people think that if a menstruous woman assists at the killing of a pig, the pork will putrefy. In the Greek island of Calymnos a woman at such times may not go to the well to draw water, nor cross a running stream, nor enter the sea. Her presence in a boat is said to raise storms.

interesting, right? those old societies had already realised that women were capable of breaking your balls (remember that eve and her midget friend with the big tits and duck feet? remember the hard time they gave adam?). what they used to do was isolate the women when they were menstruating (they used to hoist them up in the air in wooden cages in darkened rooms). what they got wrong though was this: they shouldn't have been isolating them when they were menstrual, they should have been isolating them when they were pre-menstrual.

everybody should read this book. it's a cracker. five manho stars.

The rastas are also scared and contemptuous of chicks on the rag. According to Lester Bangs the most supreme insult in Jamaica is to call someone a 'bummaclot pussyclot'.
yeah, but not just rastas, plenty of other groups too. white catholics, jews, born again christians. it's a male thing, and maybe a religious thing too. propaganda. show me a religion and i'll show you a repressed woman.
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