Wednesday, December 01, 2004


i cut my nails and i quiver my thumb, i'm real nervous but it sure is fun

people are always asking me, "hey manho, what would be the greatest rock group ever?" well, it doesn't take much thinking about, these six guys would take some beating:

the greatest ever drummer.

the greatest ever rhythm guitarist.

the greatest ever lead guitarist.

on the keyboard (and i mean literally on it).

the greatest ever bass player (and he doubles up on french horn).

all these guys can sing too, but the greatest ever group wouldn't be the greatest ever group without the greatest ever singer, right?

will they ever get together? who knows, stranger things have happened.

bo diddley, jerry lee lewis, al jolson... who are the others, nick?

dying to know,

can't tell you that, loz, you have to sort it out for yourself. that's how the culture game works, right?
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