Saturday, December 18, 2004


if you should leave me then each little dream will take wings and my life will be through

whatever happened to?

remember him? dicky martin. it only seems like a few weeks ago he was "livin' the vida logo" and you couldn't switch on the tv without seeing him "shake my bum bum". he had all the teenage chicks going crazy for him. he could have had his pick of the spice girls. and then... pfffft. he disappeared.

here's a little something for any dicky fans that visit the blog. i got out my AutoCad 3D Pro design program and bodged up a couple of dickie martin cut-out clothes sets:

they're three dimensional for those of you using state of the art browsing gear. you can see round the back of his pants.

anyway, dicky, wherever you are we all hope you're having a vida mucho caliente with a chick on both arms and a cigar in your gob.

hasta la vista!

ricky martin probably disappeared because he wanted to go back to his old life. his old life being a gay man.

my friend works for the Lyric Opera here in Chicago. He did a project out in LA, and Ricky Martin contributed lots of money and went to the perfromace. Not only did my friend find Ricky Martin holding hands with his boyfriend in the balcony, but hardcore making out.
pretty obvious he is gay and wants to just go back to being a gay man that has a lot of sex.

hi, james. thanks for the comment, but i think you'll find you're mistaking dickie martin for elton john. elton is reknowned for his gay activity while dickie is very popular with young teenage girls. you only have to listen to the words of "shake my bum bum" to realise he's talking about tenage sex with young girls.
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