Thursday, December 16, 2004


perche lo fai non rispondermi se non vuoi, pero lo sai che io vedo con gli occhi tuoi

great delusions: #35

i got a phone call from alessio, in florence last night. this is him with his friend marco in a dublin pub a few years ago:

you can see why they've banned smoking in the pubs in ireland, right? anyway, alessio was having a dinner party with a group of italian friends: marco was there, elisabetta, a few other spicks, and they were talking culture (they're a pretty clever bunch of guys, they know their english culture) and one of them brought up the subject of joe strummer:

"what was strummer's politics?" someone asked. nobody knew. "why don't we phone manho? he's sure to know", another greaseball suggested. so i got this phonecall asking me what joe strummer's politics were.

well, i have to admit, i wasn't 100% sure, but i thought, hey, any guy who was in the clash and then took the place of this guy:

in this group:

has to be pretty much of an anarchist, right? you can't really see him voting for tony blair. so i said to alessio, "i'm pretty sure he was an anarchist." alessio didn't seem too convinced. seems like the consensus at the party was that strummer was a nazi.

later on i started thinking about it and decided to do a search and see what i could come up with and i found this in an obituary:

Left-wing singer Billy Bragg said: "Within The Clash, Joe was the political engine of the band, and without Joe there's no political Clash and without The Clash the whole political edge of punk would have been severely dulled."

They were politically aware and became known as champions of left-wing causes. They even called their 1980 album Sandinista, after the left-wing guerrilla movement in Nicaragua.

They were anti-racist and noted for inflammatory, intelligent punk songs such as London Calling, White Riot, White Man In Hammersmith Palais and Tommy Gun.

shit! left wing? and billy fucking bragg (i won't post a photo, check out that dead mule from yesterday) talking about him like he was a mate or something?

what a delusion.

hehehe, you have to laugh at that "left-wing singer billy bragg", though, right?

the moral of the story? even when you've been betrayed by what you thought was maybe some sort of hero (he wasn't really, but you know what i mean) there's always some prat who's so pathetic that just to think about him cheers you up.

cripes is a comin'

(you have to sort of sing this) he's here, he's there, he's every fuckin' where, glenny cripes, glenny cripes...

see you guys on saturday.

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