Saturday, December 11, 2004


pictures of lily

this is the wax statue of beckham and posh spice that caused such a scandal this week. the vatican called it "blasphemy". apparently you can't have famous people portraying the mother and father (even though he wasn't really the father) of christ. it's blasphemy. i think the muslims have a similar law for mohammed (no photos gentlemen, please!)

though some say you can have famous people doing it if they're all clean and everything: here's the mother of christ from the zeffirelli film:

the photo is actually taken from a previous zeffirelli film called romeo and juliet. the nudie actress was 15 at the time but she went on to play the mother of christ with no probs. no scandal. it was such a pretty film, you see. the vatican loved it.

the vatican have been outraged over a different film recenty, though. the new almodovar film, la mala educacion:

it's offended them because it shows how priests sexually abuse young children in catholic schools in spain. it's blasphemy again, apparently. not the sexual abuse, the film.

i don't think posh spice has ever done any nudie work so it can't be her fault the archbishops are red in the face, so it must be beckham, right? well, he has been putting it about a bit, having the odd bit of sex with other women and stuff. one of them got a job on tv masturbating a pig because of her new-found beckham fame:

it was some farming documentary and the tv company said that she was just doing what any ex-girlfriend of beckham would be doing on a farm. sexy chicks pig wanking is the norm on a farm, they say.

the moral of the story? whoever you are just do whatever you want to do and then create a set of moral principles to defend your actions. don't worry if your moral weltenshaung is full of holes, it's no worse than anybody else's.

so it goes.

Thanks for the Olivia Hussey shot. That was the very first bit of tit I ever saw in a movie.

Jeff (wanking a pig in the garden)
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