Wednesday, December 22, 2004


we are all normal (and we want our freedom)

i got this email from mingo, from iowa:

Hey Manho, You have serious brain problems, man. All that dead mules crap and dog shit. Get a life, man. I have one and am very happy with it.

wow, right? mingo got me thinking about insanity so i decided to download some rorschach tests from google images and check out my mental stability. ok, let 'em roll...

shit, what do i see here? well, there's a smiley yellow mouth and what looks like a praying mantis about to bite the penis off her partner after their poignant single act of sex. that's women for ya, right?

ok, an easy one. this is two zebras doing a dosie-do while thinking about running away from home and setting up a zebra free-love commune.

another easy one. a large yellow sperm has escaped from the fallopian tube and is doing a belly dance for the local freemasons friday night cultural discussion group.

three out of four easy. this is a mule contemplating a visit to the dentist because he wants to ravish a drill.

ok, how did i do?

You made me laugh with this one. However, I still despise you and your blog and wish you the worst.

Ever vigilant,
Mr. X
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