Thursday, December 23, 2004


well father said, see my son, coming home to me

bible stories

ok, it's christmas and even manho has to wind down a bit and show some seasonal spirit, right? so over the next few days i'm going to do some bible stories.

the story of the prodigal son

i guess you all know this one. kid leaves home and lives it up in the big city for a year: sex, drugs, rock and roll, all the things the family hate, basically. anyway, after a year he decides to head back home and he's expecting the worst from his pop (he remembers that leather belt), but when he arrives his poppy is all exaggeratedly pleased to see him:

it's like, hey the kid is back, let's kill the fatted calf and give him all the money that otherwise would have gone to his brothers. well, you can see from the photo that the brothers are not too happy, but what i want to know is, what is it with poppy? why didn't he just say, "fuck you kid, go back to the whores and the cheap jacks"?

a fatted calf

christmas cripes

tomorrow glenn is here and i guess we're all hoping he's got something special for us for christmas, right?

see you guys on christmas day

Good story and it makes for a good Stones song too. Do you think Mick or Keith wrote stole it?
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