Wednesday, December 15, 2004


when I'm out in the street i walk the way i wanna walk, when i'm out on the street i talk the way i wanna talk

that comment from nad, 12, from liverpool yesterday has really got to me. i thought i was being clever, intellectual, sophisticated, with my recent posts but, you want to know something, she's right. it's time i got back out on the street and did a bit of reporting on real life.

check me out later.

10 pm street life update

what a day! you won't believe this but i got trapped in a piazza again:

seems like there'd been a car accident or something and some kids were angry and were throwing stones at the police. anyway, they blocked the piazza off and, for protection, i crouched down behind a fat woman for a couple of hours until the cops had broken open a few heads, then i carried on with my investigative trip.

the first thing i noticed were the beggars, they're everywhere now:

they're getting younger, too. they just fall asleep on the street and leave a card saying, "PUT ALL YOUR MONEY IN MY SHOE, I NEED IT FOR BEER". some of them even have sleeping bags and thermos flasks containing hot refreshments. it's like a real job or something. and if you think that isn't bad enough some of them also have scraggy dogs:

you think those dogs don't shit on the pavement? the worst thing of all, though, is that a couple of them - the guy above, for example - have guitars and sing bob marley songs.

all in all it was a pretty depressing afternoon. i was walking back home and thinking, ok, all those beggars singing "no woman, no cry" was depressing, but at least you didn't see any dead cats today, when, next thing you know, i take a right into via scroccalaminchia and what do i see?

you guessed right, a dead fucking mule. it gave me a bit of a shock, actually, felt a bit weak afterwards - after all, you don't see a dead mule in the street every day - so i decided to get a rickshaw back home and to hell with the expense.

it's all that brat nad, 14, from liverpool's fault. i should have stayed home as usual and posted something boring. dead beasts of burden may be shocking but they make you appreciate the quiet life in front of the computer, that's for sure.

at least it was a mule, nick. i mean, it could have been the corpse of a murdered rock star, don'tcha know? think how depressing [u]that[/u] would be. the rickshaw was pure genius! thanks for keepin' it not-boring but not just ha-ha funny all the time either.
-lorenzo, 72, the new world
lol. hehe. you're funny.
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