Tuesday, December 14, 2004


you tore a big hole in your convertible top, what will you tell your mom and pop?

like father, like son: #35

isn't it strange how sons take after their fathers? like, you have this cool guy as your pop and next thing you know, bingo! you're a cool guy too. you wonder why your poppy didn't repress you or something, him being so cool and everything, but hey! you look in the mirror and you're cool too.

i guess cool dads produce cool kids. it's a nature thing, right?

here's bob dylan:

and here's his son, jesse:

next week: james and giorgio joyce.

hi nick just wanna ask wot has happened to ur blog. It used to be ded funny but now its a bit borin
luv nad
hi. presumably you're that nadia, 12, from liverpool brat, right? listen, you're too young to understand this completely but it's a shakesperean thing. if you look at hamlet or even macbeth with it's buckets of blood and a severed head on every page, you'll notice that "the bard" throws in a few laughs. you can't just have tragedy from start to finish, you have to give the audience a break.

same goes for comedy. you need a reflective pause every now and then otherwise the "laugh muscles" in the jaw start to seize up and you die. die laughing. just hold on for a couple of years and you'll get this stuff. it probably seems like derrida or something at the moment, right?
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