Thursday, January 20, 2005


every time I see your face it reminds me of the places we used to go

i've been inundated with requests this week to post a photo of myself on the blog. i'm wary of this because over the years i've noticed that the "cult of the personality" can spring up from a molehill and drown a whole country - tsunami style - within a period of just a few weeks. it's dangerous stuff. i saw it for the first time with this guy:

and then this chinese guy caught on to the power of the image and he caused a few problems as a result:

basically, it's a modern problem. it's applying technology to politics. not difficult to understand, but the guy on the horsham omnibus seems to fall for it every time.

that's the reason i've been loathe to post my mugshot online. i don't want to start some mass movement that ends up with millions of guys getting their testicles twisted off with a monkey wrench, right?

anyway, as i've had so many requests i will post a photo. this one was taken last summer, on holiday in corfu:

he's here, he's there, the fat guy's everywhere

i feel purified or something after posting that photo. i might even give the kalooki lesson a miss tomorrow and just do some simple yoga or something.

in my meditative absence yer man from friscoville will be here with his wacky take on modern sounds. yes, glenn "cult? you callin' me a cult?" cripes will be here all day friday.

see you guys on saturday.

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