Wednesday, January 26, 2005


gonna build a mountain from a little hill

a sensational piece of news caught my eye in la repubblica:

Roma, 16:15
In un giorno lontano qualche milione di anni, il mar Rosso potrebbe diventare un oceano.

wow! the cnr is the consiglio nazionale delle ricerche - the italian national scientific research council - and they've stumbled across a good one this time. the article says that the red sea "could become", in a "few million years time", an ocean. now that's putting your professional reputation on the line, right?

mrg: the manho research group

inspired by the guys over at the cnr, i've set up a manho research council myself and we've come up with these startling facts:

the cotswolds:

the delightful group of hills in gloucestershire, england will almost certainly develop into a range of mountains several hundred times larger than the himalayas:

and this waterfall:

near ambleside, in the lake district, will become a furious swirling torrent on the scale of niagara falls:

urban constructions won't escape the mind numbing ecological turnarounds, either. studies show that sac city, iowa:

will balloon into a mega-metropolis with a population (28,000,000) similar to that of mexico city:

and if you think that's sensational, wait till you see what's in store for the humble sparrow:

yes, an eco cataclysm will turn this friendy bird into a sweating woolly mammoth.

and one last piece of news is more startling than all the rest put together. studies reveal that the scientific research team at the cnr:

will almost certainly - possibly within a matter of months - morph into a completely different social group altogether:

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