Monday, January 24, 2005


a good woman is hard to find

the best photographer of all time was a guy called man ray. check him out over at google images. he did some great stuff. his lover and muse was a woman called lee miller. here she is in a snap by mr ray:

she was pretty cute, right?

anyway, lee was a pretty heavy guy herself. she was a war photographer, and unlike most of the male war photographers she was actually good. she didn't just do the cliched stuff, she found some original images. and she had a sense of humour. here she is washing the grime off her sublime body in adolf hitler's bathtub in berlin, 1945:

and this is one of the photos she took at buchenwald when it was liberated:

you have to make the image original, and you have to make it beautiful. otherwise it means nothing.

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