Sunday, January 23, 2005


here's captain spaulding exploring the amazon, here's godiva but with her pyjamas on

why a duck?

i came across this site a while ago looking for stuff online about lenny bruce. this guy, robert b. weide made a documentary about lenny and it looks good:

then i sort of started looking at other things in the site and it turns out this weide guy has done stuff about a lot of my favourite comedians:

he also directs that curb your enthusiasm tv show. i've read about it, is it good? we don't get it here in sicily, and even if we do it'll be dubbed into italian. i watched seinfeld for two years dubbed into italian. do you think i missed some of the nuances?

anyway, this site is full of interesting stuff. check out each comedian's page and over on the left you'll find lots of fascinating information about the artist.

this is my site of the week. 5 manho stars. here's the link again.

thanks, nick, and here's a link for you:
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