Sunday, January 30, 2005


there ain't a lady living in the land as i'd swap for me dear old dutch

great successful marriages #12: mr and mrs methuselah

check out the old guy at the top of the page. that's methuselah, the oldest man in history: here's what the catholic encyclopedia has to say about him:

When Methuselah had reached the great age of one hundred and eighty-seven years he became the father of Lamech. Following this he lived the remarkable term of seven hundred and eighty-two years, which makes his age at his death nine hundred and sixty-nine years.

some guy, right? but what about that wife of his, she had to be some kind of a heroine if you think about it. imagine, you have this 187 year old guy knocking at your tent door asking for it. most women would have sent him on his way with a box of kleenex and a pornographic papyrus, right? but not mrs methuselah, she loved her man.

all in all one of the great successful marriages in history, as i'm sure you'll all agree.

sorry about the quality of that photo, it was all they had over at google images (i guess cameras were pretty rustic objects way back in biblical times). there wasn't even a bad one of mrs methuselah. she was probably the shy type or something. i did manage to find a sculpted head of the great man, though. clock this:

as my mother used to say, he's no spring chicken.

late-night update

almost forgot. there's an anniversary of biblical proportions today. words not necessary. you passed the audition, guys.

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