Saturday, January 22, 2005


white light moved in me through my brain

is it just me or is this century flying by at a far greater speed than the last one? it only seems like yesterday that we were waiting for the new millennium, right? then you blink and half a decade has passed. is time getting faster or something?

remember how slow the last century was? you had to wait 14 long years for the first bit of action:

then you had to wait four long boring years for it to finish. god, was that a slow war. then you had that interminable "between the wars" period: economics, strikes, economics, more strikes, more economics. let's face it, nothing happened and it didn't not happen fast. then we got the next bit of action:

but that was slow, too. the german army was still using horses, for christsake. bicycle regiments were considered cool. slow, slow, slow, and we were only halfway through the 100.

then you had all those decades, remember? each one with its own particular flavour:

and each decade seemed to last 10 fucking years or something. that was one slow century.

then you wake up on january 1st, 2000, expecting more of the same and... whooooosh, the next century is half over before you have time to say, shazam!.

what can it all mean? can anybody explain it?

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bingo posted some stuff from zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance which is copyrighted. worse than that though it was boring, otherwise i would have left it.

bingo is a bit new age for the manho blog.
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