Monday, February 21, 2005


aaaaw mama, can this really be the end

the guy driving the car blew his brains out today.

so? yeah, right, that was the way he was going to go. like, if you've got a gun in your house and you're a man, what are you going to do, take some pills? no, he went out in the right way.

i don't really want to write too much because millions of words will be written about it and they'll all be banal. just words. thompson wrote a lot of words too - maybe too many: if he had a fault it was excess and even in his work he overdid it. maybe he should have stopped after fear and loathing and thought, hey, how can i do that again.... but even better? but he didn't. but it's not important, anyway.

i wanted to do something that was more about his ethos. which was the image. so i went to google images and wrote gonzo. on the first page there was nothing - just second rate gonzo stuff - but on the second page there was one image which summed it all up:

it's the scene from the hotel bar with all the delegates from the police convention (if my memory serves me well). he's tripping on thirty or forty different drugs and what you see in the picture is what he sees in his mind.

ironically, thompson was the one person who didn't need a cartoonist to picture what he wanted to describe. having the cartoons in the book was a sort of hunteresque joke because his written descriptions were more visual than the illustrations.

i don't really want to write things about today, i've already talked enough. don't bother reading all the journalist shit that will be in the papers for the next few days, go to this site and root out as many images as you can find. then if you want to see how a writer can create an image in your head in the same way as steadman does with his cartoons go to your local bookshop and ask for fear and loathing in las vegas: one of the funniest books ever written.

and the beat goes on


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