Saturday, February 05, 2005


and it seems to me you live your life like a candle in the wind

did you ever have this happen to you? you're on your way home from work and you stop off at the bread shop and as you walk towards the counter you slip and nearly fall over and break your back, and the owner says, "be careful, there's wax all over the floor."

no? strange because where i live it happens every february the 5th. check out these guys:

do you have them where you live? they're devotees of the local saint and they carry those massive candles all round the city for two days in february every year. they were outside my house last night. that's why i was ice-skating around the baker's nearly breaking my fucking back.

i bet you're saying to yourself, wow, but doesn't that wax get all over the roads and everything?


and i bet you're saying to yourself, that has to be dangerous for driving, right?


and i bet you're saying to yourself, those unorganised italians are sure to leave the wax all over the roads for months, right?


and i bet you're saying to youself, there are sure to be lots of accidents and the victims must sue the asses off the local council, right?

nope. well, yep, there are lots of accidents, but, nope, they don't sue the council because there's a sort of by-law which includes the wax as an "act of god" along with earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

photos of some local politicians

live television at manholand

if any of you american, canadian or norwegian manho fans want to check out those guys with the big candles walking round the city you can watch live tv coverage here: guys with big candles. it goes on for the next10 hours.

tune in, turn on, slip over and break your back.

repent repent and convert

time is an ocean and it ends at the shore

or stick that candle
so I click on the live tv link expecting to see some special national coverage of religious twits spinning around with candles. when the window opens, I get instead a program about some naked italian chick with 3 US dollar bills covering her twat and nickels pasted on her nipples. please advise.
hey rabbit, that WAS the religious festival. italy is catholic, remember, not puritan.
tell it like it is, nicklas! the luck to be catholico! they don't deserve it
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