Thursday, February 24, 2005


a four legged friend, a four legged friend, he'll never let you down

i've been thinking about traffic today and i remembered that when i was a kid in liverpool in the 50s you had to wait a while to see a car. here's a photo which gives you an idea what liverpool was like back then:

pretty funny, right? you got excited when something moved in the street. here's london in 1951:

that's london, remember, not sac city, iowa. ok, now i want to take you back a further fifty years to london in the late 1890s:

could be today, right? except that the traffic was all horses then. same shit, different animal.

i was lucky enough to grow up when the old technology was being replaced by the new. i guess one motorised taxi did the job of ten or twenty horse-driven cabs, so until every idiotic family had three cars there was room to breathe.

now we're waiting for the next technological change which will once again free the cities from the traffic chaos. i wonder what it will be?

hmm... nah... but... you never really know, though...

glenn cripey, glenn gross

i'll be coolin' up at my morris dancing club for a couple of days while glenn "they shot horses, didn't they?" cripes will be chattin' 'bout the soundz.

see you guys on saturday.


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