Thursday, February 10, 2005


homo sapiens have outgrown their use, all the strangers came today, and it looks as though they're here to stay

recognise him? no, not the spanish looking guy with the droopy moustache, the other guy. no? come on, it's uri. i'm not even going to tell you his surname, if you don't know all about him by now then forget it, get back to sac city, iowa.

i usually hate those magicians because they're taking thick guys for a ride, right? clever guys know it's all done with smokes and monkeys and stuff but the thick guys believe it and i hate seeing a thicko taken for a ride.

uri is different, though. he isn't a magician. he actually has real psychic powers. as he notes on his website:

I believe parascience is finally entering the mainstream, as advances in our understanding of sub-atomic physics begin to give us a framework for evaluating what really happens during telepathy and psychokinesis, for example.

as regular readers will have noticed i don't do plugs here on the manho blog (apart from the proctor and gamble products) but i'd like to make an exception for one of uri's special presentations: a psychic tribute to john lennon (also one of my favourites):

buy this product or uri might just use his psychic powers to pulverize your testicles (heheheh, just kidding).

i'm waiting for my man

hey, another week has slipped by into the slipstream or whatever, and it's time once again for glenn "uri shithead? i wouldn't piss on him if his psychic dick caught fire" cripes will be here with one of his mystical investigations into the supernature of tinpanalleyland.

i'll be taking a break at the "hoochy coochy magyck massage and toe-sucking centre" in wigan, lancs.

see you guys on saturday.

"apart from the proctor and gamble products"

this blog is brilliant!
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