Wednesday, February 02, 2005


i'm gonna walk right down that street just like some bulldog drummond

manho test drives the new products

bill gates has pulled out a big one this week. msn search. catchy name for a start. if only google had come up with a catchy name like "RSQ Search", or something, it would probably be one of the front runners today, instead of languishing in a poor first place with only 78% of the market tucked under its belt.

anyway, let's check out some of bill's new features. hey, he's got msn search images! now, that's a great idea. let's see how it works. what shall we put in the window? ok, let's try "bill gates". here we go... hey, not bad:

and it was quick, too, 0.0000000000000003 seconds. well done bill.

what else has bill given us? hey, look up word! now that's a clever name for an online dictionary, even if i do say so myself (which, in fact, i just did!). "look up word". that obviously came out of a heavy microsoft intellectual brainstorming session.

microsoft boffin: what about "look up word", bill?
bill: yeah, that sounds good, what does it mean?

let's try it out. ok, i've put the word "soft" into the window and... hey presto, in the twinkling of a potato (0.000000000000000000000000000027 seconds), we get this result:

soft malleable"

hey, that's so clever, because anybody who doesn't know the definition of the word soft will obviously know the word "malleable", right?

what else have they got? shopping. another original idea from the microsoft think tank. ok, let's give it a go. what do i want to buy?... hmmmm... ok, i could do with a new "pit pony":

let's put it in the window... yep, in only 0.000000000000000000000000431 secs we get a direct hit:

There were no specific results matching all your keywords. Below you will find results containing at least one of your keywords.

The Pit And The Pendulum (1961)

Format: DVD
Region: 2
Genre: Various
Actors: Vincent Price; Antony Carbone; Barbara Steele; John Kerr; Luana Anders; Patrick Westwood

Delivery Cost: Free - Department: DVD

just what i wanted! a dvd of the pit and the pendulum with vincent price!!

manho overview

all in all i'd say that bill has come up with another winner. easy to use, efficient, user-friendly, fast, other adjectives, clever, etc.

this should give the ipod a run for its money.

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