Tuesday, February 15, 2005


pavement is my pillow no matter where i stray, underneath the arches i dream my dreams away

trish from brighton's style pointers

This is the banging man.

Why? He loves the sounds of banging his stick on the pavements.

I have known of this character of the streets Brighton for 20 years and
more,and his face has never changed.

We will never get to know his story because he mumbles eh da be da eh ,nods
and smiles to communicate...and then claps his hands..

His day is spent picking up the odd lost coin, throwing it up in the air
then clapping when the coin lands on the pavement.

He waves and salutes at all the bus drivers,they all wave back and toot the
bus horn for him.

The first time I encountered him I was trying to un padlock my bike from
some railings.....

This man in tweed overcoat,

smiling was banging his way vigorously along the
railing tops where my bike was chained, Heading my way....{he is going to
bang that stick on me}

No, he stopped paused.. with me crouched on the pavement,lifted his arm high
over the bike and me,and picked up again on a different rhythm.

We have had the odd mumble together,and I have ended up repairing his old
tweed coat for him.

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