Thursday, February 17, 2005


rock with the cavemen

i got this email from lorenzo, 72, from sac city, iowa telling me all about this new discovery in ethiopia:

Two Ethiopian fossils have been crowned as the oldest known members of our species. An estimated 195,000 years old, the pair were witness to the earliest days of Homo sapiens.

The discovery adds yet more weight to the argument that Africa, and Ethiopia in particular, was the birthplace of humans. The dating sits well with genetic analyses of modern populations, which suggest that H. sapiens first appeared in Africa around 200,000 years ago.

The fossils, called Omo 1 and Omo 11, were found in 1967 at Kibish, near Ethiopia's Omo River, by the famed fossil-hunter Richard Leakey. Although Leakey realized that Omo 1, at least, was a H. sapiens, the dating of mollusc shells found with the bones suggested that the specimens were only 130,000 years old.

that wasn't the actual email, it's the article he was talking about. the actual email said, "see a look at this arsticle". i guess sac city, 2005 isn't that far removed from ethiopia 200,000 years ago, right?

anyway, here's one of the fossils they discovered:

apparently it's a skull, called Omo 11.

omo 11?

let's just say i wasn't convinced so i got the "manho research group (mrg) on the case. for non-regular readers, the mrg is a scientific research group financed by manho inc and proctor and gamble:

here you can see them carbon dating a small velociraptor unearthed in a cesspit near oklahoma city.

to cut a long story short i got the guys testing that skull and they came up with a discovery that could well shock the world: it's not a skull after all, it's a very eary ski helmet:

so our ancestors had winter holidays too. plus ca change, as the froggies say.

and if you happen to come across a skull (or ski helmet) similar to the one above while you're digging in your garden, remember that ace blu:

the wonderful extra-strong bleach from the proctor and gamble guys is just the product you need to make it clean enough for the kids to play with.

friday night is music night

i'll be spending the next 48 hours in the lalique and brass rubbing clinic, arles. glenn "when i hear the word science, i reach for my copy of revolver" cripes will be here to guide you through the rapids of crazy rock.

see you guys on saturday.

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