Monday, February 14, 2005


there is a deeper wave than this swelling in the world

did you ever catch that sting guy whining on about important species dying out? some useless fat turtle that's forgotten how to even find a crumb on the beach is in evolution trouble.

save that dolphin!

hey, the rain forest is cute: just what we need, more rain, right?

your local council wants to make a pedestrian crossing at a accident black spot? hey, you're going to kill several species of small furry insects just planting that beacon, man. you want to see a dead centipede or something?

well personally, i love a dead species. check this one out:

"hey, honey, watch out for those velociraptors, ok?"
"oh, baby, you're so paranoid. i have my metal protection unit and everything."
"yeah, i know, but those fuckers, they'll take your head off with a sneeze. don't take that suit off, and make sure the kids stay in the super-steel, ok?"

and what about this loser:

the dodo. what a jerk. look at that twisted beak. like, god fucks up now and then, right? let them fade away.

imagine if sting had been around when this guy was wandering the earth:

sinanthropus, a prehistoric version of the guy you see down at the porno-bar on saturday evenings. you can just imagine a cro-magnon sting whimpering away, right? "we have to save this guy, he's harmed nobody except for the 3 month old babies he rapes, fries and eats. he's an innocent victim of globalization."

so next time you hear morons talking about protecting species just remember that we've lost several million of the fuckers over the years and you can still make a buck, order a take-away pizza, and rent a video for the weekend.

to tell the truth, i'd like to see even more species go to the wall. take a look at this guy:

he's a minister in the italian government. look at that moronic face. the stupid green scarf his party forces him to wear. the vacant grin. the obvious space inside the head where the brain has atrophied. now, come on, wouldn't the planet be better off without him and his dna sharing buddies?

thought for the day: kill the whale before it kills you.

or as chris rock says "abortion should be legal until the kid is 6 years old and you see that first report card"
hey now... you terrons.. roma ladrona!
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