Friday, February 04, 2005


Unborn Chicken Voices In My Head

by Glenn Cripes

So many records get released these days, it's difficult to keep up. I've seen OK Computer by Radiohead on numerous 'Best Ever' lists over the past few years, and I was pleased as could be when I opened my review package from nick and found this be my assignment this week. I guess I never got around to listening to this because I thought a record called OK Computer by a group called Radiohead wouldn't appeal to me....imagine my surprise at finding out I was right.

This is just regurgitated Pink Floyd with even worse lyrics, right? Airy fairy crap like this still exists? Why?? And reputable people like these guys????

I won't go quoting any lyrics here because thankfully you can't understand them, so their staggering stupidness doesn't jump out at you through the wall of synthesized whining that is this record.

Silly twat

I try very hard to see redeeming qualities in music I don't care for. I remember my adolescent years and all the bad stuff I listened to. I confess here that in my teenage years I was known to take road trips to see the likes of Jethro Tull, Yes, and Todd Rundgren, and I actually enjoyed them. Liking dumb shit is allowed when you're young. If you evolve as a person, you'll grow up to be embarrassed about it.

The song Let Down is pretty good. There's a discernible melody that's pleasing in a Thompson Twins kind of way.

The UK used to be so's really a shame.

hey Cripes.. what do you expect from a wanker who wrote a song called I'm a Creep

hey.. Cripes... Creep... whats that sound.. haha... nowadays music is such a booooore craaap.. ROCK IS DEAD!
Hey now...that's a good album. Sure, Karma Police is a complete ripoff of Sexy Sadie, but the press notices this like they notice oasis being a ripoff of the Beatles, right? RIGHT?

Fucking students. Oxford, too.
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