Sunday, February 13, 2005


wrapping paper in the gutter moving slowly as the wind on the sea

leafing through my sunday arts sections i was excited to see that christo, the notorious post-modern art trickster is up to his pranks again. and where else but in central park, new york, new york (so great they wrote a song about it). now this has to be something special, right?

as regular readers know manho is as sensitive as a water-lily when it's arts and crafts on the agenda and obviously i've followed christo's career since his first experiments with christmas presents when he was but a mere child back in bulgaria.

he quickly moved on to shop fronts in the 60s and excited us all with his spectacular "valley curtain" in colorado in the seventies:

he followed that with his astonishingly long 135 mile "running fence" in california. every new project was bigger and more mind-blowing than the previous one.

what could he do to top that, we all thought after each majestic artwork had staggered our imaginations. but he always managed to surprise us with the next one. shit, in 1995 he only went and wrapped up the fucking reichstag building in berlin, that's all:

and now new york. this should be something very special, right? let's take a look...

hmm, ok, chris, you seem to have hung some curtains up in the park, here. have i missed something? a few orange curtains hanging from wooden sticks, right? and that's it? could you clue me in? is there, like, something spectacularly interesting under the ground or something?

interesting op-art photo of christo

looks a bit like a pink floyd cover, right?

do you think there's a pension scheme for post-modernists?

What a dipshit--I hate that guy.
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