Wednesday, March 02, 2005


clothes always fit ya, life is a pop of the cherry when you're a boy

dumb and dumber and dumbest

you all know about dumbing down, right? we don't learn greek at school anymore and you can study dire straits lyrics at university, that sort of thing.

i saw this great example of it yesterday:

that's david bowie and the ubiquitous kate moss: like, are there no other fashion models around these days? kate is being iconised by all the trendy journalists in the "serious" papers at the moment. now, that's dumbing down. anyway some hick photo guy had the terrible idea of dave and katey doing a blow up parody photo shoot. you can just imagine the pathetic brainstorming session that came up with the idea, right?

here's the poster for the film:

blow up was a pretty cool film from the mid 60s that sort of got close to portraying the ethos of swinging london. it didn't really, but it almost did, and that's pretty cool. you should try and catch it on dvd, it's only aged a bit. here's a couple of shots from the film:

the sad thing about the dave and katey thing is that they're both a bit grey around the temples now and in the photo they actually look younger than david hemmings and veruschka von lehndorff from the film. there has to be something wrong with that, right?


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