Thursday, March 10, 2005


i fought the law and the law won

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still on the america theme (i promise to stop after today), does anybody recognise this guy? j edgar hoover. he was the head of the fbi in the fifties and sixties and had the whole country wired. he knew the sexual pecadilloes of everybody: from president kennedy's satyrisis down to the preferred sexual position of his receptionist. lyndon johnson said of him, "better to have him in the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in." then a few years ago we discovered that hoover, the protector of the nation's morals, liked to dress up in women's clothes and frolic with his gay friends:

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which brings me to today's topic, and today's photo:

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they dragged michael to court today in his pyjamas. what a weirdo, right? he, like, likes to masturbate with 13 year old kids. what a perversion, right? oh, and the mothers of the kids know all about it but they don't mind too much because the money comes in handy and stuff.

remember your bible? first stone?

anyway, look at those guys hauling jackson into court. does anybody know what their perversions are? and if, in twenty or thirty years time, we discover that the judge in the case liked to have a wank under the bench while the trial was going on would anybody really be shocked?

like, haven't we all done it?

those tribal war leaders and black military heroes deserve better than this.


as glenn himself might say, "i feel dirty thinking about all that hypocrisy, i have to go and shower now."

the great man will be here with you tomorrow. i'll be taking a break at my monthly platonic philosophy seminar.

see you guys on saturday.


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