Thursday, March 17, 2005


if i should fall from grace with god

it's saint patrick's day so i guess i should write something about the irish. but how can you write anything original about the fucking irish? it's all been said a million times already.

one thing that hasn't been stressed though is how the irish are miserable bastards really and all that, "what a friendly load of catholic fellas they all are" shit is just propaganda.

the only thing i can say about the irish that i can't ever remember reading before is this: what's good about them is the same thing as what's bad about them. here are two examples of what i mean:

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

whose round is it?


is there a bit of the irish in cripes? you bet you fucking life there is.

he'll be here tomorrow while i take a break at my peat-sculpture class.

see you guys on saturday.


Thanks again for the heads-up on the Pogues, Nick. If I should fall from grace with god is rapidly climbing up my "favourite albums ever" list, with RS&L not far behind.
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