Wednesday, March 16, 2005


i'm goin' to the love-in to sit and play my bongos in the dirt

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i don't usually do politics on the blog (no fun, right?), but i came across an old photo the other day that gave me a good giggle. no, it's not the one above, that's tony blair, the socialist leader of england who's just about to win his third consecutive general election. imagine, the socialists in power for 15 years. he's broken all the records, he's kept the english safe from these slavering morons:

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and yet tony seems to be hated by his own voters. the left loathe him. they want to kick him out and get someone more committed to idealism, to a perfect world where foot massage is on the national health and you can't say the word "war" if there are little kids in the room (well, you can if you whisper, ok?).

these "radicals" don't want tony's pragmatic approach to politics: politics is the art of the possible, remember? they want someone else as leader (and here we get to the funny photo), they want someone like these guys:

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remember them? the 1992 "dream ticket"? a spluttering welsh windbag and a farting yorkshire gourmand with the word, "loser" written all over them.

great photo, right? loser politicians for loser voters.


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