Monday, March 14, 2005


no more running for the shelter of your mother's little helper

the history of the willow tree #12

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did you ever watch one of those heavy japanese films set in some village during the samuri period? they gave you a headache, right?

and did you ever think to yourself, "hey, how come i've got a headache watching this stuff but the guys up on the screen just get on with it and don't seem to suffer at all?"

like, if i've got a headache and i'm just watching this shit, why do the actors seem ok?

well, the answer is simple: aspirin is made from the bark of the willow tree and there was always a willow tree in those japanese films, right?

ok, so when they had a headache they went and chewed on the tree.

modern moral

you got a headache? don't go to the chemist and buy all that bayer garbage, go for a walk in the park and eat a tree.


funny i just saw tom cruise the last samurai last night

real garbage too
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